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New Vegan Cooking Show Debuts On Amazon Prime

New Vegan Cooking Show Debuts On Amazon Prime

by Agi Kaja

The vegan food trend is hitting American television with a first-ever 100% plant-based cooking show.

New Day New Chef cooking show is available to watch on Amazon Prime, and it is set to air on Public Television stations across the US. 

The show's host is the New York Times bestselling author and former CNN Headline News presenter Jane Velez-Mitchell who is also a well-known vegan advocate. 

New Day New Chef helps Americans to reinvent their diets, switch to plant-based food, increase their energy and lower their carbon footprints. 

The first season features eight episodes with delicious, easy vegan recipes for everyday cooking, fine dining and parties. 

"In this New Day of climate and health consciousness, anyone can be a New Chef, and we'll show you how," said Eamonn McCrystal, Emmy Award winner and Executive Producer of New Day New Chef. 

"There's a new appetite for plant-based food, and we're serving recipes and information to a large, curious community of foodies and home cooks who want to put their ethics on their plate."

Every episode features a special guest co-host, including celebrities, movie stars, athletes and chefs as well as a group of testers to try tasty vegan dishes. 

The special guests' list includes some of America's most popular vegans, including NBA legend John Salley, Olympic medalist and Game Changers star Dotsie Bausch, 90210's Christine Elise, Star Trek Into Darkness actress Gianna Simone, supermodel and producer Katie Cleary, Family Guy voice actress Lori Alan, TV chef Mario Fabbri, Babette Davis, the Spork Sisters, and many more.

The show will be available on Amazon Prime Video, and on Public TV Stations across the US. 

Agi Kaja

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