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Yorkshire Tofu Brand Doubles Its Turnover During Veganuary To £1 million

Yorkshire Tofu Brand Doubles Its Turnover During Veganuary To £1 million

by Agi Kaja

A Yorkshire food manufacturer, The Tofoo Co, announced that its turnover in January 2020 exceeded £1m. 

The figure was more than double than the company's turnover in January 2019.

The Tofoo Co. was founded four years ago by husband and wife team David Knibbs and Lydia Smith. They started as a small, family-run business and have grown since then to more than 70 employees.

Tofoo products are available in major supermarkets across the UK.

David Knibbs, the founder and managing director of The Tofoo Co., said: "Our January turnover coupled with the Nielsen data released in January 2020, paints a very positive and accurate picture of the tofu category.

"Trends suggest that tofu is now being considered as a stand-alone 'real food' ingredient, not a fake-meat alternative – a great example of the growing importance of tofu to the overall meat-free category is the top two selling products in the meat-free market in January were both tofu products."

The Tofoo Co. claims its sales expanded thanks to its best-selling product 'Naked'. 

For this year's Veganuary the company launched three new products, and it plans to launch more by the end of the year. 

Mr Knibbs added: "Our aim is not to mimic or replace meat - tofu is a valuable addition to mealtimes and to a multitude of diets, not just those who follow meat-free or vegan lifestyles.

"Eastern diets have contained less meat for thousands of years, and tofu has long held an important place in those diets. This is now being seen in modern day UK diets with increasingly more people using our 'Naked' tofu to make a host of meat-free meals.

"We strongly believe that the growth and dominance of The Tofoo Co. in the tofu market is testament to the superior product which has better taste and texture due to the traditional Japanese recipe using Nigari; each product is hand-made in small batches, and we produce every single pack in Yorkshire."

Agi Kaja

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