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Tofurky Is Launching New Vegan Cheese Brand

Tofurky Is Launching New Vegan Cheese Brand

Tofurky has announced that it will expand its Moocho line with new cheese products.

The new range includes vegan cheese shreds and cream cheese spreads. 

The new items are made from fava bean protein and coconut oil, with the shreds including fermented cultures and the spreads containing fermented soymilk to recreate the “cheesy” taste.

The new shreds will launch in three flavours: Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Fiesta Blend,  while the spreads will be available in Garden Vegetable, Plain and Strawberry. 

Last year, Tofurky launched Moocho as a line of dairy-free cheesecakes in the company’s winter holiday meal kits and till now it has used both the Tofurky and Moocho brand names on its packaging. 

However, after expanding to 650 retailers, the company decided to make Moocho an independent brand.

CEO Jaime Athos said:  “Consumers [thought] the Tofurky brand represented savory flavors and high protein meat alternatives.”

“A lot of [new shoppers] don’t really have a great understanding of what Tofurky represents or how long we’ve been around. So Moocho has to not just lean on that Tofurky relationship, it has to stand alone.”

Moocho is targeting a wider group of consumers who cannot consume dairy for environmental and health reasons.

The new brand identity should give the company an advantage over older non-dairy brands.

“I like this feeling of coming in fresh,” Athos added. “We can avail ourselves of all the newest technologies to produce the best products in the marketplace without that history holding us back.”

The rebranded Moocho line now has a pastel color scheme to contrast to Tofurky’s bolder, bright packaging colors. The company also has launched a new website and social media accounts for the brand.

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