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Cadbury To Launch Vegan Milk Chocolate

Cadbury To Launch Vegan Milk Chocolate

by Agi Kaja

Cadbury owner Mondelēz is developing a dairy-free version of its classic Dairy Milk chocolate. The company has been testing the new product for about two years. 

Initially, the company wanted to launch its vegan 'Dairy Milk' for Veganuary but struggled to find plant-based milk that is also suitable for consumers with nut allergies. 

Cadbury produced its first bar of 'Dairy Milk' chocolate at its factory in Birmingham in 1905. 'Dairy Milk' quickly became the company's best-selling product and the most popular brand.

A spokesman for Mondelēz said: "We're always listening to our consumers, so we can develop and provide people with a greater choice of products.

"This includes looking at a plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk bar; however, we have no immediate plans to launch a new product to market.

"We are only interested in launching a new vegan product that retains the texture and taste that our consumers expect and love from Cadbury products."

Food giants such as Mondelēz, Nestle and Unilever are fighting to keep up with new trends and demand for vegan, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Agi Kaja

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