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Celtic Football Club Launched Vegan Food Kiosk

Celtic Football Club Launched Vegan Food Kiosk

by Agi Kaja

Celtic Football Club launched its brand new vegan food kiosk Hoops & Roots last Sunday. 

The kiosk offers exclusively plant-based menu, including delicious vegan treats such as chilli non-carne, chickpea and butternut squash curry or a vegan sausage roll.

Hoops & Roots is located at section 137 in the Jock Stein Stand lower bowl.

The club has named the new stall a 'cistin', which is a cookhouse or a kitchen in Irish Gaelic.

Celtic FC wrote on its website: "Our new vegan cistin is a nod back to our proud Irish roots with an exclusively plant-based menu for fans to enjoy!" 

The move has been largely welcomed by club's fans from the vegan community. 

One of them tweeted: "I’m a vegan season ticket holder and I think is great , well done Celtic" 

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