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Costa Coffee To Add Oat Milk

Costa Coffee To Add Oat Milk

by Agi Kaja

Major coffee chain Costa Coffee is adding oat milk to the menu in its shops across the UK.

Vegan Food UK revealed the news on their Instagram account. 

According to the online organisation, the news was leaked by a Costa Coffee insider. 

The group wrote in their post: "Costa Coffee Will Finally Have an Oat Milk Option as of March 2020!

"Our insiders tell us that Costa Coffee has finally taken the plunge and will be serving the nation's favourite plant milk. As it uses Alpro already, we assume it will use [the same brand] for the oat milk - but great news.

"We really need oat milk in all cafes in 2020."

Costa operates thousands of outlets in 32 countries. The chain offers customers soy, almond, and coconut milk as dairy-free alternatives. 

Last year the company dropped the surcharge on soy milk, but customers still have to pay more for almond and coconut milk.

"We know our customers want more choice when it comes to coffee customization and have witnessed a growing demand for 'free-from' and vegan options," said Russell Braterman, innovations director at Costa Coffee, in 2019.

"Given the popularity of the Coconut alternative drink, which we introduced last year, our Lactofree and Almond options are the next logical step."

"We can now cater to our customers' unique preferences, without compromising on the great taste they love."

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