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IKEA Is Launching Vegan Meatballs

IKEA Is Launching Vegan Meatballs

by Agi Kaja

IKEA will add new vegan meatballs to its menu at 290 European stores in August.

The new vegan option will be served in the cafeteria and the frozen section of IKEA’s food market. 

The new “plant balls” are made from a blend of pea protein, oats, apples, and potatoes. They are designed to look and taste like real meat, and they are for customers who want to eat less meat but “without compromising the familiar taste and texture of meatballs.” 

IKEA launched its first vegan meatballs in 2015. The new vegan version was developed to keep up with the trends in the plant-based meat space. 

The company has been working to become environmentally friendly by 2030, and its new product comes with a carbon footprint that is 96 per cent lower than its traditional meaty meatballs. 

Last year IKEA sold over 1 billion meatballs worldwide.

In 2018 IKEA debuted vegan hot dogs, and it sold 10 million of them in the first year on sale. 

In 2019 the chain launched vegan soft ice-cream in Europe and the US. 

At one store in Canada, IKEA launched a food trailer where it debuted The Växt Burger—its first vegan burger that can be ordered with vegan cheese. 

The company has plans to include more vegan options in its cafeteria menu in the stores around the world in the nearest future.

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