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Vegan Passenger Served Butter And Cheese On British Airways Flight

Vegan Passenger Served Butter And Cheese On British Airways Flight

by Agi Kaja

A vegan passenger of British Airways who asked for a vegan-friendly meal was served cheese and butter.

Mark was travelling on BA flight on 1 March from The United States to London Heathrow.

He posted a picture of the meal on Twitter with a caption: "What happened to quality control and crew awareness?"

The meal had a “special meal” sticker on it, next to a butter sachet and cheddar cheese.

Mark wrote: "15 years ago I would have expected it, but you’re *still* serving cheese and butter with VGMLs at a time when veganism has never been so popular and well catered for elsewhere."

British Airways replied to his post: “We’re sorry you were given dairy products with your vegan meal, Mark. We’re grateful you’ve made us aware of this.”

A British Airways spokesperson told The Independent: “We take pride in delivering thousands of special meals daily to our customers across the globe to the highest of standards. We are extremely sorry that our customer has had a negative experience. The reported issue is being investigated with our catering partner and we will take action to ensure this does not occur in the future.”

Matt Turner, spokesperson for The Vegan Society, commented: “Veganism is not just a diet, but a deeply held ethical conviction that harming animals is wrong, so it can be really upsetting for a vegan to be given animal products when they have specifically ordered a vegan option.” 

“Vegan meals often have to be ordered in advance and sometimes don’t make it onboard the plane. We are campaigning to see a vegan option added to standard inflight menus across the board so that everyone has the choice to order them.

“Vegan passengers should always be able to fly with ease and confidence that they will be catered for.” 

Agi Kaja

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