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Wetherspoon Has Sold Half A Million Vegan Burgers

Wetherspoon Has Sold Half A Million Vegan Burgers

by Agi Kaja

James Robinson, Wetherspoon's head of food, told the reporter from that the chain has sold about half a million vegan burgers.

Wetherspoon has almost 900 pubs across the UK and burgers are one of the main dishes. 

The chain launched the plant-based burgers in October 2019.

Last week, 'Spoons' announced that it would be switching from Meatless Farm patties to Beyond Meat burgers. 

The company thinks the change will help boost sales.

From now on, every single pub in the country will be serving the Beyond Meat burger, either with salad and tomatoes or as a "gourmet" version with red onion, tomato relish and smashed avocado.

James Robinson said that veganism is booming and in small towns and villages "people appear just as keen to try meat-free options as they are in the capital".

"We have a really good spread of pubs, and we're looking forward to launching Beyond across the country", he said. "We think it's a great product." 

In April, Wetherspoon will begin rolling out Quorn nuggets in selected locations. 

"Not every pub" will sell them, but "most" will, the company stated. 

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