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Stella McCartney’s Show At Paris Fashion Week Had A Powerful Animal Rights Message

Stella McCartney’s Show At Paris Fashion Week Had A Powerful Animal Rights Message

by Agi Kaja

Stella McCartney’s latest fashion show highlighted a powerful message of compassion towards animals.

Her show at Paris Fashion Week featured models dressed in animal suits, including cows, rabbits, a fox and a crocodile walking along the runway between models wearing clothes from her new collection. 

The fashion designer wanted to remind the public of the real origin behind the leather bags, fur coats and exotic skin accessories. When seen in the form of luxurious accessories, it is easy to forget the animal cost behind the new season collections and the cruelty towards animals in the fashion industry.

This way, Stella also wanted to highlight the lack of animal skins, fur and leather in her own collection. 

She is outspoken animal rights and environmental activist.

Stella McCartney brand has been vegan since its inception in 2001. 

McCartney’s autumn/winter 2020 collection features lots of vegan leather clothes, accessories and handbags. 

Before the Paris Fashion Week McCartney posted a series of cartoons with animals on her Instagram. 

One shows a fox with the phrase ”my coat looks better on me” , another one a snake with “skinning is not winning.” 

Speaking to The Guardian, McCartney said: “What we try to do is to sugarcoat a powerful, meaningful message in a little bit of humour and fun, to make our point in a palatable and digestible way so that people listen."

Agi Kaja

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