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Global Plant-Based Food Company Acquires LiveKindly Media

Global Plant-Based Food Company Acquires LiveKindly Media

by Agi Kaja

A group of entrepreneurs created a new global platform company for plant-based meat — The LiveKindly Co.  

The platform aims to be the leader in building a sustainable future and become one of the world's biggest plant-based companies. 

The group raised $200 million in founders' funding round to invest in vegan businesses driving the global change for plant-based meats.  

Among their first acquisitions, there are two plant-based food producers: one of the world's oldest vegan companies, founded in 1991 South Africa-based Fry Family Food Company and German producer LikeMeat. The group also took an equity stake in plant-based protein ingredients supplier Puris and bought LiveKindly Media, a vegan lifestyle website. 

With these investments, the LIVEKINDLY co. is the only company in the vegan food sector to own and operate the entire value chain of production.

The group is combining funds, industry experts and good quality brands to make plant-based food more available and popular around the globe. Currently, the company focuses on delivering high-quality plant-based version of chicken - the world's most consumed meat. The company will also launch its own products under the LiveKindly brand.

LIVEKINDLY co. is led by a team of experienced industry executives including Kees Kruythoff, Chairman & CEO (former President of Unilever North America and Global Home Care Division); Roger Lienhard, Board of Directors and Founder (founder of Blue Horizon Corporation); and Jodi Monelle, founder of LIVEKINDLY Media, Mick Van Ettinger, CMO (formerly of Unilever), and Aldo Uva, COO and Chief R&D Officer (previously Nestle, Firmenich, and Ferrero).

Kees Kruythoff, Chairman & CEO told Food Dive: "Unlike any other company in this space, the LIVEKINDLY co. is creating a movement that will drive impact at scale and at speed.

"We are starting with one of the world's most consumed meats–chicken by providing outstanding, tasty, plant-based foods that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We're also partnering with incumbent poultry companies including PHW in Europe and RCL Foods in South Africa, who are committed to embracing plant-based options."

Roger Lienhard, founder said: "The LIVEKINDLY co.'s approach offers a path forward for transforming the global food industry. Our team has built a new formula for success by bringing innovation, experience, resources, and scale throughout the plant-based chicken value chain.

"It started with bringing together like-minded founders who share a vision for smarter, sustainable living, and allows the food industry to better align around the evolving values of consumers who are focused on climate change, animal welfare, and human health."

Agi Kaja

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