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Hugo Boss Goes Vegan

Hugo Boss Goes Vegan

by Agi Kaja

German fashion brand Hugo Boss has launched its first 100% vegan men’s suit as part of its new spring collection.

The suit is certified-vegan and sports the PETA-Approved Vegan logo.

The costume is made of organic European linen and is available in three colours: beige, dark blue and black. 

Customers can order it online and purchase in stores. 

The vegan suit costs $895, and it is a part of Hugo Boss’ Responsible Tailoring.  

“We are delighted to see that animal-friendly fashion is on the rise, and Boss is the first world-known premium brand to set this stylish milestone in men’s wear,” said PETA Germany vice president Harald Ullmann.

“Kind people can now buy high-end business suits that are not only stylish and fashionable but also cruelty-free and sustainable.”

Premium suits are often not 100% vegan. They are made from animal-derived materials such as wool, silk or even horsehair. Animal-derived dyes and glues are also commonly used in the fashion industry.

The suit is the second vegan item launched by the German fashion brand. In 2018, the company released vegan sneakers made from pineapple leaves.

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