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Vegan Pie Wins British Pie Awards 2020

Vegan Pie Wins British Pie Awards 2020

by Agi Kaja

The latest pie created by Bristol restaurant Pieminister scooped a Gold Medal at this year's British Pie Awards.

Evergreen pie is the third vegan award-winning cake for the Bristol restaurant. 

The pie is made of leafy greens and beans with kale, spinach and edamame, cooked in ginger, garlic and lime zest. 

Following its success, the pie will be a permanent item on the new summer menu at all of the chain's restaurants.

The menu will launch on March 24.

Evergreen competed with other 848 pies from 160 professional pie makers.

A panel of 140 experts judged each pie's appearance and taste. The results were announced on Friday. 

Pieminister Co-founder and managing director Jon Simon said: "Since the British Pie Awards began over a decade ago, we've amassed a healthy number of medals and 'Best in Class' accolades, but it's always a thrill to be recognised as one of the UK's best pie makers.

"We're proud that our pies don't just taste amazing, they're also made carefully, with much consideration given to the origin and ethics of the ingredients that we use."

Pieminister is a private family-run business from Bristol. The company says it tries to be as sustainable as possible. One of its sustainability initiatives is developing a range of plant-based pies.

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