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Michelin-Star Restaurant To Go Vegan For Nine Days In April

Michelin-Star Restaurant To Go Vegan For Nine Days In April

by Agi Kaja

Famous Michelin-star restaurant in San Francisco will make its menu 100% vegan in an effort to raise environmental awareness and raise funds for a non-profit. 

Lazy Bear started as an underground pop-up 3 years ago, and it already gained 2 Michelin Stars. 

Now, the restaurant wants to become more sustainable. It will offer only plant-based meals for nine days in April. 

Chef-owner David Barzelay told the San Francisco Chronicle: "[Donating] doesn't force us to confront our policies or practices... This is part of a larger effort to continuously reexamine how we can be better."

Speaking about creating an all-vegan menu, Barzelay added: "It's always the case that when you have constraints, it can be freeing creatively. It forces you to focus in a way that you end up coming up with things you otherwise wouldn't come up with.

"[Veganism] is taking some tools out of the toolbox, but there are still a lot of awesome tools left."

The vegan menu will be available from April 8 -18, with tickets costing $199-$221. 

During the vegan week, Lazy Bear will be raising funds for Zero Foodprint - an organisation with a mission to build a 'renewable food system rooted in healthy soil.


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