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Vegan Cooking School Suspends Classes To Deliver Free Food To The Vulnerable

Vegan Cooking School Suspends Classes To Deliver Free Food To The Vulnerable

by Agi Kaja

London-based vegan "community cookery school" has cancelled their classes and workshops and instead they want to start offering free meals to the community members. 

The school decided to help the vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic and turned to a delivery service.

Made in Hackney was founded in 2001. They describe themselves as an entirely plant-based 'community cookery school and charity that has changed the lives of 15,000 Londoners'.

The school offered free cookery classes, training and celebration parties to 'empower people with skills to lead healthier and happier lives'. 

"We work with society's most vulnerable but inspiring people. Young carers, low-income families, adults with educational needs, the elderly, people with long term health challenges, the hearing and sight-impaired, young people in care, hostel residents and women's refuge residents to name just some of our incredible family," they wrote on their website. 

Co-founder Sarah Bentley explains: "Right now, many of our most vulnerable community members are at risk. Holding community cookery classes is not really possible right now. We need to quickly change our services so that we can help these people when they most need it. The impact of COVID-19 means thousands of people, very vulnerable people-- elders, people w health conditions, peoples whose livelihoods are collapsing-- are at risk of not being able to access food."

"In just a few weeks' time", she added, "we want to launch a free home delivery service where we can take healthy, nourishing food direct to the door of Londoners who need it most."

The charity has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £30,000, and make the meal delivery possible. 

You can donate here:

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