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Vegans In Worthing To Launch Vegan Food Bank Network

Vegans In Worthing To Launch Vegan Food Bank Network

by Agi Kaja

Vegans in Worthing have joined forces with local independent traders to launch the first vegan food bank network. 

The group will provide vegan food and cruelty-free hygiene products for those in need.

The Vegan Food Bank Network was founded by Pia Offord, who wanted to find a new way to give back to the community. 

Speaking to Worthing Herald, she said: 

"Seeing people struggle in supermarkets and reading many desperate stories on social media by fellow Worthing residents, I wanted to come up with a way to support our ever-growing vegan community."

"I feel there is a need for an all-vegan food bank in our town, so I decided to reach out to various vegan-friendly, independent businesses in the Worthing area. Within the hour, we came together to start the Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network."

The project is run by volunteers, and it entirely relies on donations from locals and businesses. The bank will offer vegan food and hygiene products to all those who need them. 

So far, a few restaurants have joined the initiative, including Field Row take-away and vegan eatery Cactus Kitchen Gals.

"We are now working with further independent, local businesses on opening various donation and claim points throughout Worthing," she added.

"We are also in the process of launching a donation-based parcel-delivery service with vegan shop and café Conscious Cow.

"For more information about how to get involved and to make use of this free service, search for the dedicated Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network Group on Facebook or contact [email protected]"

Agi Kaja

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