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Vegan Milk Brand Donates Thousands Of Milkshakes To Charities

Vegan Milk Brand Donates Thousands Of Milkshakes To Charities

by Agi Kaja

Vegan milk brand Rebel Kitchen has given 14,000 milkshakes to hospitals and food banks across the UK amid the pandemic crisis.

The coronavirus panic caused UK shoppers to stockpile goods, leaving supermarkets shelves empty. 

People also stop donating to food banks leaving many organisations in a terrible situation.

According to reports, health and charity workers are struggling to buy the items they need. 

Rebel Kitchen is trying to help them. The company has donated 14 000 vegan shakes to those in need and plans to give more products to other hospitals.  

"We recently made the decision to donate 14,000 of our Mylk Shakes to hospitals and food banks nationwide, and now we're taking more suggestions to try and help as much as possible," the company said. 

"Despite being a small business, we wanted to act like Rebels, setting an example and supporting those in need." 

Founded in 2014, Rebel Kitchen produces organic plant-based milk alternatives and 'Mylk Shakes'.

Last year, Rebel Kitchen became a 'carbon neutral' company six years ahead of its 2025 target date. 

The business offsets CO2 from the entire supply chain by collaborating with two rainforest protection projects in Peru. 

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