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Vegan Meat Sales Are Skyrocketing In The US

Vegan Meat Sales Are Skyrocketing In The US

by Agi Kaja

According to a report by market data company Nielsen, US sales of plant-based meat soared by 279.8 per cent last week amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the pandemic, customers have changed their buying habits. Many shoppers are stockpiling food and hygienic products, leaving the supermarket shelves empty. 

Nielsen data shows which products have seen a huge sales spike in the first weeks of March. 

The sales of fresh plant-based meat increased by 279.8 per cent till March 14, and 206.4 per cent the week before that. 
Cooked vegan meat sales increased by 27.1 per cent week ending March 7, and 84.6 per cent the following week.

These numbers show significant growth for vegan meat products sales during the Covid-19 crisis.  

In comparison, chicken sales grew only by 4.5 per cent and 51.8 per cent over the same period.

Plant-based meat sector has been rapidly expanding over the last few years, reaching 18 per cent sales growth in 2019.

The sales of vegan burgers increased 123 per cent and reached  $283 million in 2019.

According to measures from Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association, the vegan meat market is now worth $939 million.

Agi Kaja

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