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Lewis Hamilton Compares Self-Isolation To Life Of Animals In Captivity

Lewis Hamilton Compares Self-Isolation To Life Of Animals In Captivity

by Agi Kaja

Lewis Hamilton has compared self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak to the lives of animals held in Zoos.

The Formula One Champion  said people are now experiencing the same feelings animals experience while being held in captivity.

Lewis wrote on his Instagram story: “If you are home on lockdown, perhaps you can feel a little of what the animals in captivity go through every day,” 

“Their entire lives stopped from them.”

Please don’t go to any zoos or circuses because this is what our money goes to supporting,” he added. 

He also posted a picture of pandas sitting alone in Zoo cages. 

Countries around the world order their citizens to keep social distancing and self-isolate themselves as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned UK residents from leaving their homes except for “limited purposes” like grocery shopping and exercising.

Currently, there are nearly 10,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK.  

Hamilton went vegan in 2017 and has been an advocate for animal rights ever since. 

He regularly shares animal welfare posts on his social media accounts and speaks about animal rights to his 14.3 million followers. 

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