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Top Scientists Awarded 4 Million Dollars For Research Into Plant-Based Meat

Top Scientists Awarded 4 Million Dollars For Research Into Plant-Based Meat

by Agi Kaja

A group of world’s top food scientists have been granted US$4 million for research into alternative meat. 

The funds were given by the Good Food Institute (GFI) Competitive Grant Program to 21 scientists from 9 different countries.

The project aims to find technological solutions to transform the global food system by improving the plant-based and cell-based meat industry.

To do that the alternative meat industry needs to overcome the critical challenges, to scale-up and make manufacturing technology cheaper. 

The group of scientists includes biochemists, tissue engineers, computational modelling experts, plant geneticists and food scientists. 

All of them are working on improving the taste, texture and cost of production, advancing scaling-up processes to bring innovative food solutions ready for commercial debut. 

In a statement, associate director of science and technology at GFI, Erin Rees Clayton, said: 

“If we want to see plant-based and cultivated meat become an integral part of the global food supply, we must fill critical white spaces in research…This funding will enable us to bridge key gaps in alternative protein research, addressing unanswered questions and unmet technological needs.”

The executive director of GFI Bruce Friedrich added that “building a robust foundation of open-access data will enable the entire sector to advance more efficiently and bring plant-based and cultivated meat to the masses.” 

Agi Kaja

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