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Miley Cyrus Says Lockdown Has Positive Impact On The Planet

Miley Cyrus Says Lockdown Has Positive Impact On The Planet

by Agi Kaja

American singer and actress Miley Cyrus says the coronavirus lockdown is forcing millions of people to self-isolate in their homes, and giving the planet 'a little bit of relief'. 

She commented on a current situation in a recent interview with Apple Music. 

She told Zane Lowe: "I know some of us have seen the viral videos of bluer skies, dolphins in waters that we haven't seen them in*. So Mother Nature, not only are we taking a break right now, but she's getting a little bit of relief because there are way [fewer] cars on the freeway."

"People aren't working every day, so we aren't vomiting onto Mother Nature's beauty every single day.

"And we're starting to see what it would look like if we actually started treating the world more responsibly, so getting this little kind of breath of fresh air and a little vision for us to actually see physically what would happen if we actually really focused on climate change."

Miley is an animal lover and vegan activist. She has been vegan since 2014 and often speaks out about the climate crisis and animal-rights. She uses her social media accounts o spread the vegan message to her followers.  

"Not killing animals is fucking hot!" and "It's so much cuter to NOT kill animals!" she once wrote on her Instagram. 

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