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Rihanna Has Launched Vegan Leather Collection

Rihanna Has Launched Vegan Leather Collection

by Agi Kaja

Rihanna launched her fashion brand Fenty a year ago.

Now, the pop star has revealed the latest Fenty collection which features plenty of vegan leather.

The new collection features shirts, hoodies, pants, dresses and skirts all made from vegan leather that is soft and performs like a second skin.

The Faux Leather Capsule proves that you can still wear ‘leather’ in the warm weather. 

FENTY describes its vegan collection as: “Inspired by tradespeople in their work uniforms, with utility wear seen as a proud, powerful marker of identity, through this limited drop, we elevate the power and strength of individualism.”

 “The tough, protective connotations of leather and striking silhouettes of uniforms are combined with the soft, rippling faux leather to give a relaxed FENTY feel—this juxtaposition speaks to the FENTY DNA of contrasts, rebelliousness, and redefined luxury.” 

The items are available in black and pale pink colours, and the prices start from $540.

The new collection was presented for the first time by Bella Hadid during Fashion Week last March. 

Agi Kaja

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