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BOSH! Is Launching Live Online Cookalong Series

BOSH! Is Launching Live Online Cookalong Series

by Agi Kaja

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby from BOSH! want to introduce you to some 'amazing, easy, insanely tasty dishes, that are all made from plants'. The bestselling vegan authors are inviting you into their kitchen to cook with them every day in their new series.

BOSH! are launching a new live series on their YouTube channel and will cook with you every night at 6 pm throughout April. 

The series will feature Henry and Ian cooking recipes from their books, TV shows, and videos. 

The duo will be answering your questions live, sharing their favourite dishes and useful tips. 

The ingredients lists will be published in advance to make it easier for people to prepare everything they will need to make the recipes.

This week's theme is potato, with easy and delicious recipes such as Easy Curry Crusted Potatoes to Guacajacks and Bacon Cheeseburger Hasselback Potatoes on show.

"Meat, eggs and dairy can be tricky to get hold of at the moment – so let us introduce you to some amazing, easy, insanely tasty dishes, that are all made from plants. Brilliant new ideas you can add to your weekly menus. From our kitchen to yours, we hope to see you cooking along with us," said BOSH! in a statement.

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