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Farmers Say Coronavirus Crisis Will 'Disrupt' Dairy Industry

Farmers Say Coronavirus Crisis Will 'Disrupt' Dairy Industry

by Agi Kaja

UK dairy farmers have asked the government for support as the coronavirus lockdown caused milk demand to plunge.

Farmers claim that without help, the sector faces 'disruption'. 

News media report that some dairy farmers are pouring milk away, as demand from restaurants and cafes has decreased dramatically. 

The dairy products manufacturers have ordered farmers to cut milk production because of an oversupply.

It has been estimated that more than a million litres of unwanted milk is being produced across the UK every day.

Increased demand from supermarkets has not filled the gap left by the closure of the foodservice venues.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has asked the government to fund a short-term financial support initiative for farmers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The scheme aims to compensate dairy farmers up to their standard milk price with the hope that the farmers will be paid directly from the government in their monthly milk cheque, rather than through milk processors. 

RABDF Chairman Peter Alvis said in a statement: 

"This scheme will ensure both short-term and longer-term food security and ease the stress on the industry."

 "Removing the excess distressed milk from the market place will help to stabilize the current spot price without causing long-term market distortion.

"It will also allow those affected dairy farmers to continue to pay for invoices for farm inputs to the wider local/rural supply industry beyond the farm gate and will prevent extra cows being culled which will exacerbate the problems in the beef supply chain."

Agi Kaja

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