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PETA Sends A Vegan Gift For Queen's Birthday

PETA Sends A Vegan Gift For Queen's Birthday

by Agi Kaja

As Queen Elisabeth celebrates turning 94 PETA is sending Her Majesty one of the Fray Bentos pies.  

The brand new vegan steak and kidney bean pie flavour has been developed in collaboration with PETA and scooped the best vegan pie award at the Vegan Food Awards last year.

According to Queen's former pilot, Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family enjoyed the iconic pastries during long-haul flights back in the 90s. 

PETA believes that going vegan could help Her Majesty stay healthy during the lockdown. 

According to numerous studies, vegans tend to suffer less from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and other health problems caused by meat consumption. 

Director of Vegan Corporate Projects Dawn Carr said: 

"There's no question that Fray Bentos' vegan steak and kidney bean pie is fit for a queen."

"This is perfect lockdown food: kind to the planet, no chopped-up animal parts, and it keeps for bloomin' ages.

"Happy birthday, Your Majesty."

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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