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Greece’s First Vegan Hotel To Open On The Island Of Mykonos

Greece’s First Vegan Hotel To Open On The Island Of Mykonos

by Agi Kaja

The first vegan hotel in Greece will open this summer on the Island of Mykonos. The four-star Koukoumi Boutique Hotel is situated in the village of Ano Mera.

“Koukoumi” in the local dialect means “a place protected from the wind”.

The hotel was built respecting Myconian architecture style. The suites are decorated in boho-chic style using natural materials. 

All elements of the interior decoration are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The beds feature coco-mat vegan mattresses. The hotel is also equipped with solar water heaters, magnesium pool and drainage water treatment.

The local family Kontiza who founded the hotel were inspired by ideals of Kallos (Beauty), Philoxenia (hospitality) and Compassion and aim to promote sustainable lifestyle. 

Koukoumi restaurant will serve Greek-inspired Mediterranean cooked and raw dishes from the vegan menu prepared by chef Angeliki Charami. The breakfast buffet will feature freshly made bread, cakes and cookies, salads, vegan omelettes and poke bowls prepared from local ingredients. 

Hotel guests can relax in the hotel’s Spa that offers sauna, massages and treatments using 100 per cent natural essential oils and vegan beauty products that do not contain any synthetic ingredients. 

There is also a fitness centre for visitors with custom-made cross-functional training programs, including pilates and outdoor activities. 

Koukoumi hotel offers three exclusive packages for guests – Detox, Energy Boost or Relax that include accommodation, full board, and activities. 

“The first and only vegan hotel in Greece aspires to offer a home not only to vegans but also to travellers who seek a healthy lifestyle during their vacations and want to discover the unspoiled side of Mykonos,” the hotel’s management said in a statement. 

Agi Kaja

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