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Vegan Gin Producer Is Now Making Hand Sanitiser

Vegan Gin Producer Is Now Making Hand Sanitiser

by Agi Kaja

A vegan distillery company from Brighton has started producing hand sanitiser to contribute towards the Covid-19 effort.

The company that specialises in vegan gin is now delivering hand sanitiser to hospitals, care homes, food banks and other frontline workers in need. 

Brighton Spirits Company has partnered with cosmetics brand A.S Apothecary to develop a hand sanitiser that is both chemically effective and gentle on the skin. 

To make the sanitiser Brighton Spirits blends organic ethanol and selected botanicals, together with a mint and rosemary oil mix from A.S Apothecary.

The sanitiser is available to buy on the Brighton Gin website, and the distillery donates two bottles for every one sold. Since production began on March 18, the company has given hundreds of sanitiser containers to key workers in the local community of Brighton. 

Brighton Spirits Company founder Kathy Caton said: "As soon as I found out that distilleries could play their part in the fight against Covid-19 and help tackle shortages, we made the decision to partner with A.S Apothecary and produce hand sanitiser.  

"We also know how many people want to help and support frontline efforts. Through our not-for-profit 'spray it forward' initiative, every bottle purchased through the website enables us to make and donate two to organisations that need it most.

"This has included everyone from food banks to hospitals, projects working with isolated and vulnerable people to care homes and delivery drivers."

Brighton Gin is the first vegan-certified organic gin in the UK. It was named as Handmade Gin of the Year 2019.

The company is a part of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub in Brighton. NatWest has supported Brighton Gin with a £30,000 borrowing facility which has allowed the company to start the production of the hand sanitiser in these hard times. 

Olu Peyrasse, NatWest scale acceleration manager for London, Brighton and Milton Keynes, said: "Kathy is a fantastic ambassador for all ambitious business owners out there. Her enthusiasm, grit and determination to provide an exceptional experience for her customers, her ability to adapt and eagerness to support other businesses, gives me huge confidence in the success of Brighton Gin going forward."

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