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Alpro Offers Free Stock To Independent Coffee Shops

Alpro Offers Free Stock To Independent Coffee Shops

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based milk producer Alpro is offering help to independent coffee shops across the UK.

The company prepared a £125,000 support package and an additional £200,000 of financial aid this month. 

The company is introducing a free stock program to help local businesses reopen after the lockdown.

Alpro free stock initiative aims to make it easier for the bars to get back up and running during the first weeks. 

The company will provide the coffee shops with the full Barista For Professional range at zero cost.

The range includes Alpro Oat Barista For Professionals, Alpro Almond Barista For Professionals, Alpro Soya Barista For Professionals, Alpro Coconut Barista For Professionals.

The brand has also launched a social media campaign with baristas to keep the coffee conversation going during the lockdown. 

Vegan coffee bars owners can apply for the program here:

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