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Oggs Is Launching Vegan Egg Replacement

Oggs Is Launching Vegan Egg Replacement

by Agi Kaja

UK vegan cake brand Oggs is launching “the world’s first” patented plant-based liquid egg substitute.

The new egg replacement is made from organic chickpeas. 

Oggs Aquafaba can be used to swap the eggs in baking and cooking in professional and home use.

Commenting at the launch, Oggs’ founder Hannah Carter said: “For us, this is the future of food, it’s more sustainable and ethical than the traditional egg. Aquafaba has the potential to replace much of the hidden animal protein in our food chain from egg white in gluten free bread to the barn eggs that sadly still reside in many prepared foods on our shelves” .

“After working with two top universities in both the UK and Portugal the result is a consistently performing, clean, plant-based food ingredient that is the ideal alternative for eggs in baking and cooking. Aquafaba will enable both professional and home chefs and bakers to explore a huge range of recipes that simply replace an egg with an Ogg.” 

Oggs is certified by The Vegan Society and comes in a sustainably sourced and fully recyclable packaging.  

The product will roll out in shops across the country in June. 
It will be available in 200ml cartons, which is equivalent to four eggs. The 500ml packaging aimed at the foodservice industry will launch in autumn.

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