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US Biotechnology Company Debuts Sustainable Vegan Pet Food

US Biotechnology Company Debuts Sustainable Vegan Pet Food

by Agi Kaja

Bond Pet Foods, Inc. has launched its first consumer product - the Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bar. 

Approved by veterinary nutritionists, this protein-rich sustainable snack provides high quality, supplemental nutrition to dog's diet. 

Bond's Dog Treat Bar is made with a dried yeast protein and boasts a 29% minimum protein content compared to standard baked treats that typically range from 12-20% protein. The snack helps to support sustained energy and overall health.

The bar does not contain peanuts, and it's suitable for dogs with allergies.

The product is also more sustainable compared to treats available on the market. The yeast protein requires less land, water and energy to produce and the bars come in 100% recycle boxes.

It is estimated that if US dogs and cats were their own country, their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world. Manufacturers of pet food could be saving up to 18 billion animals per year by reevaluating how pet food is sourced and made. This would also reduce the negative impacts that conventional farming has on the environment.

Bond Pet Foods, Inc. is Colorado-based pet food company using biotechnology to create food that's nutritionally comparable to conventional meat but without animals. Bond is on the mission of removing animals from the supply chain.  

The company uses the same processes that are employed in craft brewing and produces high-quality animal proteins through fermentation.

"Bond is part of a progressive movement aimed at reducing the social and environmental impacts of what our pets eat through new protein and ingredient solutions," said Rich Kelleman, Co-Founder and CEO of Bond Pet Foods. 

"With so much of our time currently spent at home with our four-legged friends due to social distancing, and this reality likely being a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, we're excited to be able to ship our products directly to the public so they can continue to prioritize balanced, healthy and sustainable nutrition for their pets."

Bond is also working on the production of alternative meat proteins that could be made through a similar fermentation process used to make dried yeast.

"With our proprietary approach, we're producing proteins that are nutritionally identical to their meat counterparts without the environmental, animal welfare and safety downsides," said Pernilla Audibert, Co-Founder and CTO of Bond Pet Foods. 

"Utilizing microbial fermentation and the biochemistry of yeast, we're harvesting cultured animal proteins like chicken, turkey and fish, without the animal, and then using the ingredients as the foundation of our complete recipes. Products made with these meat proteins will be commercially available within the next three years."

Agi Kaja

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