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Oatly To Become Even More Sustainable And Deliver Its Products By Electric Trucks

Oatly To Become Even More Sustainable And Deliver Its Products By Electric Trucks

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based milk maker Oatly and tech company Einride (both companies are based in Sweden) announced a partnership where Oatly will transition the delivery of its products to an all-electric fleet produced by Einride.

The company is changing the way of transporting its products to become even more sustainable and better for the planet.

The shipping industry and transporting of goods and commodities are responsible for nearly 7% of all CO2 emitted worldwide.

The project will start in the fourth quarter of this year with four electric trucks operated by a team of three drivers to optimise charging, loading, and driving schedules.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and we are committed to driving change across the food industry through embracing new sustainable solutions in every area of our business,” said Simon Broadbent, Supply Chain Director at Oatly, in a statement.

“Electrical transportation is a key part of our supply chain strategy globally and on these routes, we will be reducing our carbon footprint by 87%.”

Einride’s CEO and Founder, Robert Falck told Forbes: “We believe that electrification is not only the most cost-effective but the most sustainable way forward for this industry. In the case of Oatly alone, just four electric trucks will save over 2,100 tons of CO2 emitted per year compared to their diesel counterparts.”

The electric trucks Einride will provide to Oatly produce zero carbon emissions and can run about 200 km daily (124 miles)which is close to their maximum range.

“What our solution provides is a way to bridge the gap to fully-electrified (and eventually, automated) transport networks,” said Falck.

“Electric trucks alone are not enough to make the transition feasible - they must be optimised to account for charging times, efficiency, range, battery health, and more. The Freight Mobility Platform takes all of this into account in real time, making the switch to electric easier and smarter.”

Einride plans to offer its electric trucks to other European countries and the US.


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