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New Vegan Sneakers Made From Apple Leather To Launch In June

New Vegan Sneakers Made From Apple Leather To Launch In June

by Agi Kaja

French footwear brand CAVAL has announced it would launch a new unisex trainers collection made from vegan apple leather alternative.

The move is a part of CAVAL’s strategy to reduce its environmental impact and head towards a more sustainable fashion.

The collection is entirely vegan and 100% European. The shoes are made from Italian apple leather, recycled PU from Spain, and recycled natural rubber sole from Portugal. And the shoelaces made from organic cotton are also sourced in Italy.

The vegan leather, which is also known as Pellemela, is made from recycled apple peel. Pellemela is created by the reprocessing of apple-juice byproduct. The apple waste is combined with PU to create a leather substitute material which is 100% cruelty-free.

The company sources the apples in the Italian region of Tyrol, which generates millions of tons of apple waste every year.

Initially, the shoes will be available in four colours. A further colour will be added in September in an exclusive collaboration with the Parisian department store, Le Bon Marché.

The sneakers will retail for 139 euros and will be available from the brand’s online store in June.

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