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British Navy Aircraft Carriers Introduce Vegan Menus For Sailors

British Navy Aircraft Carriers Introduce Vegan Menus For Sailors

by Agi Kaja

British sailors who work on aircraft carriers can now taste the vegan lifestyle on the sea.

The new plant-based options have been added to menus on vessels Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth following trials to 'assess demand'.

Both £3billion ships have around 700 sailors aboard. This number doubles when aircrews are added in.

The vegan options include vegan pasties, falafels, plant-based burgers, lentil lasagne and other treats including desserts such as apple pie with custard made from coconut milk.

According to Mirror, 100% vegan meals will be now available on all ships throughout the fleet in a six-week menu.

The Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Healthy living in the Armed Forces is of vital importance, and we encourage a nutritious diet."

The number of vegans in the Navy is unknown, but the announcement comes just months after top brass were forced to source leather and wool-free uniforms. 

The policy was changed after a test case in which a helicopter technician objected to wearing leather boots.

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