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New Startup Pep Kitchen Debuts Vegan Ready Meals

New Startup Pep Kitchen Debuts Vegan Ready Meals

by Agi Kaja

New vegan food brand Pep Kitchen is launching a range of seven frozen meals packed in biodegradable containers.

Pep Kitchen was founded by chefs Joe Coulter and Ben MacAndrews in 2019. The co-founders say that the company is “determined to make it easy for people to make changes to their diet, both for themselves and for the environment”.

The startup offers carbon neutral delivery across the UK using recycled denim as insulated liners in their delivery boxes.

The new frozen range features: Jerk Sweet Potato Curry, Mexican Chipotle Bean Stew, Spicy Szechuan Mapo Tofu, North African Harissa Hotpot, Gunpowder Roots & Dhal, Mung Bean Moussaka and Jackfruit Massaman.

All the meals were trialled with shoppers at Venn Market in Clapham.

The brand says that launching frozen meals allow them to “cook naturally without additives or preservatives”, with the aim of “building a sustainable food business that is good for people’s health and the environment.”

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