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Vegan Skincare Brand Offers Free Hand Sanitisers To Local Community

Vegan Skincare Brand Offers Free Hand Sanitisers To Local Community

by Agi Kaja

London based vegan beauty startup Five Dot Botanics has been donating free hand sanitiser to local charity organisations in Brockley. 

Five Dot Botanics produces vegan gender-neutral natural skincare products that contain only five ingredients.

The company owners Brian and Zaffrin O’Sullivan decided to start making sanitiser a few weeks ago, but they were concerned they would not be able to get the ingredients.

Co-founder Zaffrin, said: “We initially didn’t think to look outside of the beauty industry for a solution but a chance conversation with someone from the drinks industry made us see that there was a way we could secure the alcohol needed to launch a free hand sanitiser”.

They contacted artisanal distillery Greensand Ridge Distillery in Kent, and they secured the alcohol they needed. The couple has donated 200 bottles to St Christopher’s Hospice in London and Voluntary Services Lewisham, and they also give free sanitisers to their customers.

Zaffrin said: “Helping the community was just one of those ways of feeling useful in a crisis. We don’t even make a massive dent in this problem but we stand for community; this is our small way of telling people what we’re about as a business.”

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