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THIS Reports 33% Boost In Sales Of Vegan Bacon During Lockdown

THIS Reports 33% Boost In Sales Of Vegan Bacon During Lockdown

by Agi Kaja

Vegan meat company THIS has reported an increase of 33% in sales of their plant-based product THIS isn't bacon. The company has sold 1.2 million bacon rashers during the lockdown.

This isn't bacon is a fully nutritious and healthy alternative to traditional pork bacon. It contains less saturated fat, significantly less salt (2.7g/100g), zero nitrates, and it has more protein(24g/100g) than conventional bacon. THIS isn't bacon is made using pea and soy protein.

All THIS' products are also fortified with B12 and iron.

Andy Shovel, the co-founder of THIS, said: "Our bacon looks, smells and tastes, like bacon. Except it isn't bacon, it's better."

THIS needed two years to develop a plant-based product that mimics the appearance, texture, smell and the flavour of pork meat. The result is a bacon substitute that is more nutritious and has a much lower environmental impact than traditional meat.

It has about 10% shrinkage when cooked compared to real bacon which is about 60% – this means that there is a higher density of salt in cooked real bacon which makes people eat more of it.

Commenting on the health benefits of THIS Isn't bacon, Dr Magda Robinson said: "The nutrition is vastly superior to bacon – I'm especially impressed at the extremely low levels of fat and saturated fat and the much lower levels of salt. The high protein content makes it very filling. Being nitrite and nitrate-free means that it won't increase the risk of bowel and stomach cancer like processed meat does"

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