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Vegan Celebrity Chef To Offer Free Cooking Classes For Black Women

Vegan Celebrity Chef To Offer Free Cooking Classes For Black Women

by Agi Kaja

Vegan cooking guru Chef Ahki will teach a free online workshop about veganism for Black women.

During the class, she will talk about the importance of veganism, healthy nutrition, the history of food in the Black community and how women can implement veganism in their diet.

The workshop is hosted by the wellness company Women of Color Healing Retreats. It will be available online for free, so everyone interested can have unlimited access to it.

The founder of Women of Color Healing Retreats, Satya said: "The workshop is going to be completely free of charge to the public because veganism isn't accessible in the Black community and we find it imperative to spread this information."

The organisation's website explains what will be highlighted in the session: "The importance of Black Women transitioning into a vegan lifestyle, the history of food for black women and people, implementing more vegan food into your daily lives, the ways food can be used as medicine for menstrual cramps, fibroids, and the reproduction system, and an overall way to learn about how to take care of our health and wellness."

You can visit Women of Color Healing Retreats's website for more information on the workshop.

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