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Applewood Partners With Vegan Companies To Launch First-Ever Plant-Based Cheeseburger Pizza

Applewood Partners With Vegan Companies To Launch First-Ever Plant-Based Cheeseburger Pizza

by Agi Kaja

Dairy giant Applewood has partnered with three vegan companies to launch the UK's first-ever vegan cheeseburger pizza.

The dairy maker will collaborate with frozen pizza maker One Planet Pizza, plant-based meat producer The Meatless Farm Co. and vegan burger bar Mooshies.

The limited-edition pizza is made on a 'classic fluffy base', topped with a chia seed-infused tomato sauce, vegan meat from The Meatless Farm, caramelised red onions, sliced gherkins, Applewood's Smoky Vegan cheese, and Mooshie's famous burger sauce.

One Planet Pizza wrote Instagram: "We are beyond excited to announce our most delicious (and most epic) pizza creation to date! The Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza is the UK's first plant-based cheezeburger pizza, and it's damn delicious.⁠"

The company has also launched a competition for vegan pizza fans to win a free pizza.

Commenting on the launch, One Planet Pizza co-founder Joe Hill, said: "We're certain this is one of the most delicious and epic pizzas we have ever created here at OPP. We've always wanted to produce a cheezeburger pizza, and we think the combination of unique, plant-based toppings we've selected for the Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza makes this the doughbased creation of every pizza lover's dreams! It's smoky, gooey and tastes just like a cheezeburger – without the animals. We're so proud to have combined so many incredible plant-based brands on one base, and we can't wait for you to try it!"

Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm, added: "What better way to say reducing your meat consumption doesn't mean compromising on taste than a Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza? This tasty combo will make swapping to plant-based food, even if it's once or twice a week, even easier. Whether you're doing this for the benefit of the planet, personal health or animal welfare – it doesn't mean shutting the door to delicious food. Especially when it comes delivered straight to your door!"

The 'Cheezeburger' Pizza is available to order online on One Planet Pizza's website - priced £23.80 for a pack of four.

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