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Adidas Has Launched Vegan Version Of Its Iconic Sneakers

Adidas Has Launched Vegan Version Of Its Iconic Sneakers

by Agi Kaja

Adidas Originals gave a vegan makeover to two of its classic shoes.

The sneakers icons of the ’80s: Samba and the Continental 80 are part of the exclusive collection called “Our Icons go Vegan”.

Both shoes are made from a PU-coated recycled polyester upper and contain only cruelty-free materials. The brand confirms that all the materials used in the product, including glues and colours, are free from animal ingredients.

Additionally, the Continental 80 has a midsole produced from an EVA foam. This innovative algae-based material is also good for the environment. It helps to clean at least 30 litres of polluted lake water through its production process.

The sneakers arrive in Adidas signature colours. The Samba model comes in Cloud White and Core Black atop a gum sole, while the Continental 80 is available in three colours: Cloud White, Collegiate Navy and Scarlet.

The shoes are marked with vegan credentials - the distinctive “Adidas Originals Vegan” footbed logo.

The brand said: "These vegan Adidas shoes completely eliminates the use of animal products. So swap out the bold colors of the '80s and exchange them for a brighter future."

The vegan sneakers are available to buy online through the brand’s official website.

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