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Norseland Debuts Vegan Mexicana

Norseland Debuts Vegan Mexicana

by Agi Kaja

Dairy giant Norseland (owner of Applewood brand) has launched a vegan version of its Mexicana cheese.

Mexicana Vegan was created in partnership with Heather Mills’ V Bites brand. It’s made with coconut-base and contains the same “fiery” spices mix and jalapeño peppers as the dairy based Mexicana cheese.  The vegan version is fortified with B12 and calcium and it’s free from nuts and gluten.

Mexicana Vegan follows the outstanding launch of Norseland’s Applewood Smoked Vegan last year and the new Applewood Vegan slices launch this month.

With the success of Applewood Smoked Vegan that flew off the shelves within the first three days on sale, the brand proved that customers crave more vegan options.

“The popularity of Applewood Vegan proved to us that there is a real demand for vegan alternatives to cheese, not just from vegans, but from flexitarians too,” said Lisa Harrison, senior brand manager for Mexicana at Norseland.

“What was key in its popularity was how well it melts like its dairy cheese counterparts,” she added. “We applied the same logic to the creation of Mexicana Vegan and our taste panel of spicy cheese enthusiasts are already hooked on it, because it’s super-stringy when it melts and has all of the flavour of Mexicana – including a spicy kick.”

Norseland’s latest dairy-free product is Vegan Society approved.

Mexicana Vegan will launch at TheVeganKind Supermarket in July. 

Commenting on the launch, Head Buyer at TheVeganKind, Jenna McGuinness said: "Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese alternative is one of our best selling products here at TheVeganKind Supermarket, it was one of our most popular launches of 2019, so we're really excited to list Applewood Mexicana as we know our customers will love Applewood's latest release too! I think this new spicy vegan cheese will be the perfect addition to burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and burritos. It is such a sign of the times that Applewood are expanding their vegan product selection, we can't wait to see what they launch next!"

Vegan Mexicana Cheese Pizza

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