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New Vegan Podcast from The Vegan Society Launching in Summer 2020!

New Vegan Podcast from The Vegan Society Launching in Summer 2020!

by Gabriella Rodriguez

After much anticipation, The Vegan Society will release their podcast this summer 2020 – The Vegan Pod! The first episode will be released on Wednesday 17th of June.

The Vegan Society is a membership organization and they go back to 1944, as the oldest vegan charity whose founders came up with the word ‘vegan’! They work to help more people become vegan with confidence and encourage more products registered with the trusted Vegan Trademark, which you can spot as the sunflower symbol on product packaging. The Vegan Society provides information and guidance on several aspects of veganism for new and potential vegans, caterers, healthcare professionals, educators, and the media. It also co-ordinates a variety of campaigns to raise awareness for the vegan way of life.

This podcast will delve into topical issues faced by the vegan community as they invite guests to talk about their thoughts and experiences. It will share a variety of ideas, facts, and opinions by the voices of the vegan community, and by doing so, The Vegan Society hopes to bring interesting and balanced discussions to the table.

The Vegan Society’s Digital Content Officer, Jen Jones, said “The Vegan Pod will be a great way for us to engage with our community! From having my ear to the ground on social media, I can see that there are areas of veganism that require a more detailed discussion. I hope we can cover this, and I look forward to hearing a wide range of views.”

This podcast is being launched during the Covid-19 pandemic and so the first episode will look at a few vegan businesses and how they have coped under the circumstances.

Lauren Williams, Communications Manager, said “Jen and the communications team have been working hard to share with you The Vegan Pod! It has been an exciting project to be involved in, the entire process has taken place in house; from the initial idea, to the name, project planning, graphic design and sourcing our guest panel! We are proud to share The Vegan Pod with you.”

You can find all the episodes over on Podbean and they will also be available on Google Podcasts and on Apple iTunes. Keep an eye out on The Vegan Society social media channels for the launch on Wednesday 17 June, and news and updates can be found on their website at

Gabriella Rodriguez

Gabriella Rodriguez

Marketing Executive & Writer.

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