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Vegan Brand Athena Club Donates 1 Million Menstrual Products To Women In Need

Vegan Brand Athena Club Donates 1 Million Menstrual Products To Women In Need

by Agi Kaja

Vegan body care company Athena Club has partnered with a non-profit organisation PERIOD and donated one million free menstrual products which will be distributed to homeless shelters and poor communities around the US.

The free period products include brand’s tampons, applicators, pads and liners.

Athena Club’s products are made from organic cotton and bioplastic, without any harsh chemicals, dyes and additives. They are fragrance-free and chlorine-free.

The products will be distributed to women through service providers such as Good+ Foundation.

Maria Markina, co-founder of Athena Club, said: "In such difficult and uncertain times, we wanted to ensure that women across the United States have access to essential products such as tampons, pads, and liners.”

“We believe that access to safe and high-quality products is absolutely crucial, and we are excited to partner with PERIOD to help make a small difference.”

PERIOD is a charity organisation founded in 2014. Since then, it has helped donate more than 15 million free products to women in need all around the world.


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