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Canadian Government Invests $100 Million In Plant-Based Food

Canadian Government Invests $100 Million In Plant-Based Food

by Agi Kaja

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced a new investment of $100 million in plant-based industry. 

The funds would be going to Merit Functional Foods in Winnipeg, a company that specialises in plant-based protein production to build a new 94,000-square-foot production facility.

Trudeau said: "As people around the world start eating more plant-based products, we have an opportunity to bring together Canadian innovation and Canadian crops, and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs."

He added: "This facility will be a world leader in plant-based proteins and create good jobs in a fast-growing field."

"By using 100% Canadian input it will also support farmers who produce the canola and yellow peas used in Merit's products," he said.

Merit Functional Foods' mission is "uprooting the food and beverage industry's perception of plant-based proteins by producing ingredients that exceed standards for purity, solubility, taste, and more." The company produces protein powders made from peas and canola. It claims to be the first in the world that will produce canola protein for the food industry.

Merit plans to have its new factory at Winnipeg’s Centreport running by the end of the year.

The investment comes as some of Canada's biggest cafe and restaurant chains have made moves to offer more vegan options.

The coffee giant Starbucks added vegan milk to its drinks menu earlier this year while Tim Hortons announced that almond milk would be available in most locations across the country.

Trudeau reminded that the government had already invested in vegetarian-friendly products before, but explained the industry was growing fast and said: "they're not stopping there."

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