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Six Million Dads Chose Plant-Based Meat This Father’s Day

Six Million Dads Chose Plant-Based Meat This Father’s Day

by Agi Kaja

According to latest research, six million dads chose plant-based meat over traditional meat this Father’s Day.

The study was conducted by plant-based meat producer The Meatless Farm Co. and was based on the OnePoll survey of 2,000 people. The research predicted that an estimated 6 million British dads would ditch meat for their Father’s Day meals.

The Meatless Farm Co. says that more than a third of Brits are now reducing meat consumption and opting for more plant-based alternatives.

Meat is no longer associated with strength and masculinity.

According to the company, the meat-free movement is “driven by dads aged between 25 and 34.” 

A spokesperson for the brand said: “There’s been a new wave of meat alternatives that are satisfying the protein pangs of our nation’s dads. So much so that over a third will be dusting off the BBQ, come rain or shine, and tucking into a meat-free burger this weekend.”

The spokesperson added that these dads are “making more sustainable choices for the benefit of the planet they live on and that their children will grow up on.“

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