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Follow Your Heart Goes Greek With The Launch Of Vegan Feta Cheese

Follow Your Heart Goes Greek With The Launch Of Vegan Feta Cheese

by Agi Kaja

One of the world's oldest vegan businesses Follow Your Heart has launched a new product. 
The company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week with the launch of vegan feta alternative. 

The vegan version of feta will not only satisfy the Greek salad fans. The tangy plant-based cheese can be used in many dishes.

Dairy-Free Feta Crumbles Cheese Alternative is made with organic coconut oil, filtered water, potato starch, potato protein (less than 2%) and sea salt.

The vegan feta is Non-GMO certified, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free. The new product is available in Sprouts supermarkets across the US.

“When we founded the company in the 1970s, I was unaware of what we would accomplish and how much the plant-based market would grow. We were just following our hearts and doing what we thought would make the world a better place,” CEO and co-founder Bob Goldberg said. 

“We’re excited whenever we launch a new product, but to be able to be the first to introduce a crumbled feta cheese alternative is a direct result of our team’s commitment to innovation in the plant-based space. Cheese alternatives are a major focus for us, and we will continue to grow in this category.”

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