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KFC Launches Plant-Based Burger And Nuggets In Hong Kong

KFC Launches Plant-Based Burger And Nuggets In Hong Kong

by Agi Kaja

KFC Hong Kong has released a plant-based burger and nuggets featuring plant-based meat at selected 19 outlets, following a successful trial run in the United States.

The New Era Nuggets feature vegan meat made by New York-based American company Alpha Foods. The meat free chicken nuggets are fried to a bouncy texture and crispy covering and served with barbecue sauce. Each portion contains 12 grams of non-GMO, plant-based protein.

The New Era Burger features a patty produced by Canadian food brand Gardein. The meat-free patty is made with soy, wheat, pea protein, organic grains and vegetables.

KFC claims the burger has similar texture and flavour as their traditional meat offering.

The new menu options were launched in partnership with Green Monday. This Hong Kong-based social enterprise is the local distributor of Gardein and Alpha Foods products.

“On this special Green Monday here in Hong Kong, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of plant-based New Era Nuggets and New Era Burger on KFC menu, featuring exciting products from Alpha Foods and Gardein respectively,” said David Yeung, the founder and CEO of Green Monday.

This milestone launch will without adoubt further ignite the plant-based movement in Asia and globally,” he added.

Big restaurant chains have been introducing more plant-based options to their customers in China.

Earlier this year, Chinese KFC launched plant-based chicken nuggets made by agribusiness giant Cargill at three locations: Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The vegan nuggets sold out within an hour, and customers bought 7,000 portions during the trial period.

This month, the chain tested the Beyond Burger on its menu at five locations in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Shanghai to find out what is the consumer demand for famous burgers in China.


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