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Squeaky Bean Range Debuts At TheVeganKind Supermarket

Squeaky Bean Range Debuts At TheVeganKind Supermarket

by Agi Kaja

UK's popular vegan brand Squeaky Bean has partnered with TheVeganKind. The brand is launching a range of their delicious plant-based ready-to-eat products at TVK Supermarket.

The Squeaky Bean range at TVK includes:

Squeaky Bean Nuggets

Squeaky Bean Fishless Fingers

Squeaky Bean Chicken Satay Kiev

Squeaky Bean Chicken Kebab Style Slice

Squeaky Bean Pastrami Style Slice

Squeaky Bean Ham Style Slice Squeaky Bean American Pancakes

Squeaky Bean Sweet Pancakes

Squeaky Bean aims to challenge the perception that vegan food is boring, devoid of flavour and challenging to prepare. All the products are made from delicious natural plant-based ingredients. The brand proves that vegan food is tasty as well as convenient and easy to incorporate in people's busy lives!

In a statement sent to TheVeganKind Squeaky Bean Co-Creator, Sarah Augustine said: "We're thrilled to be launching Squeaky Bean with The Vegan Kind Supermarket. Our aim is to make plant-based easy and being listed with TVK allows us to reach many more hungry consumers. It's an essential platform for plant-based eating, especially during these recent times where the demand for online shopping has grown massively."

Commenting on the launch, Head Buyer at TheVeganKind, Jenna McGuinness said:"Squeaky Bean is a range I’ve wanted to bring to TheVeganKind Supermarket for a long, long time, so I’m very excited about this launch! The Squeaky Bean team have been great to work with and are equally excited about launching with us, it’s an amazing partnership; and we have new products from them coming to TheVeganKind Supermarket very soon too, such as their new vegan Tortilla! Their Fluffy American Style Pancakes are delicious with strawberries and Food Heaven Whipped Cream and Squeaky Bean Pastrami Style Slices are the ultimate sandwich filler!"

The range is available to purchase online from July 2nd.

Agi Kaja

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