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V-dog Celebrates 15th Anniversary And Launches Vegan Dog Month Campaign

V-dog Celebrates 15th Anniversary And Launches Vegan Dog Month Campaign

by Agi Kaja

V-dog, the plant-based pet food producer, announced its 15th birthday celebration and launched its fourth annual campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of vegan dog diets.

V-dog is a pioneering dog nutrition company that has been offering healthy vegan pet food for 15 years. The company uses only clean, plant-powered protein without corn, soy and wheat and offer products for sensitive pups.

V-dog is a family-owned business run by passionate vegans.

The company was established in 2005, inspired by the founder's two rescue pit bulls.

V-dog launched Vegan Dog Month for the first time in 2017 to inform pet owners and give back to customers and supporters through contests, organised activities and live events.

"We love that we're able to combine these two big events in 2020," said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-dog. "Vegan Dog Month is such a great opportunity for v-dog to really make a statement of what we do and what we stand for. The fact that we've been providing top vegan dog nutrition for 15 years shows that dogs can enjoy and thrive on a plant-based diet – and their human companions know they can trust us to deliver the highest quality cruelty-free products."

This year the V-dog's Birthday Paw-ty giveaway lasts all month and offers a chance to win a year-long supply of v-dog kibble and treats.

"We celebrate the health and happiness of vegan dogs year-round, but this month is extra-special for v-dog," Rubin said. "Vegan Dog Month is a fun way to engage with our customers and people who are curious about plant-based diets for dogs. We're dedicated to giving them the best products and service – it's because of their commitment that we're celebrating this special milestone this month."

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