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Kate Hudson Is Launching Plant-Based Supplements Brand

Kate Hudson Is Launching Plant-Based Supplements Brand

by Agi Kaja

Hollywood star Kate Hundson is preparing to launch her new plant-based nutrition brand next month. The co-founder of Fabletics is officially expanding her wellness empire into the nutrition sector with the new business venture called INBLOOM.

Some time ago, Hudson revealed on Instagram that she was working on a secret project. In June, she posted a video dancing around her kitchen with a bottle of a drink in her hand saying: "That was my energy drink!". In that video she was shaking up a bottle of Energy Shift, one of six nutrition supplements from her new wellness brand, INBLOOM.

Hudson has been quietly working on the project for the last two years.

"I've always believed that [beauty and health] start from how we treat our bodies and what we feed them and how we supplement," she told Shape.

INBLOOM features six powder supplements, each focusing on a different area of wellness. The supplements are made with whole-food plant-based ingredients, including a variety of adaptogens, herbs, nutrients, and vitamins. The blends are also free of synthetics, fillers, and GMO ingredients.

"I prefer all-natural things," the actress said. "[By] utilizing very specific plant-based vitamins, mushrooms, adaptogens—things that can [help manage daily] stressors—we calm our stressors down holistically," she added.

INBLOOM supplements range from $49 to $59 per canister. 

"I wanted to approach [building INBLOOM] from a consumer perspective," explains Hudson. "Making sure it's a very competitive price point [and that it features] premium ingredients, is everything. My goal is to make wellness more accessible."

"Wellness is expensive, and it shouldn't be," she adds. "This idea of the world of wellness being an exclusive world is something I don't want to partake in. It should be absolutely inclusive. The more demand you have, the less expensive it becomes, and the more people we can get involved in this world of wellness, the more people will be able to afford it. That's my ultimate mission."

The INBLOOM nutrition line is launching on an online presale on August 3.

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