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Catherine Zeta-Jones Partners With Vegan Brand To Launch Footwear Collection

Catherine Zeta-Jones Partners With Vegan Brand To Launch Footwear Collection

by Agi Kaja

Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones collaborated with British vegan shoe brand Butterfly Twists to design an affordable footwear collection.

This month, the brands launched their first limited edition collection. Initially, the shoes will be sold in 21 countries, and later they will be available in 66 markets worldwide.

With the new exclusive partnership, the star’s lifestyle brand Casa Zeta-Jone expands into the footwear industry for the first time.

Commenting on the new launch, Catherine Zeta-Jones, said in a statement: “I love shoes, and like most women, I know comfort and style are essential. I’m looking forward to my partnership with Butterfly Twists, and expanding the brand of Casa Zeta-Jones from head to toe, literally!

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I learned to sew from my Nana and my Mam and was always designing and creating something new. Shoes are a natural extension of that, and something I’ve always wanted to design.”

The shoes are handmade using vegan leather. The collection features four ballerina flats styles in different colours, including black and white, multi-coloured stripes, beige and blue. The shoe prices range from 55 to 60 pounds.

Zeta-Jones, said: “I love their brand and knew I could collaborate with them on something really fresh and different. They are global, virtually in every country and that was also important to me so Casa Zeta-Jones could have a far and expansive reach to women everywhere.”

For Catherine, it is important that the collection is vegan and sustainable. 

She said: “Butterfly Twists is a vegan brand too. Vegan materials are so advanced and luxurious now. It is difficult to tell the difference between real leather and vegan leather. I know that it’s an important consideration for many women, and I’m happy I can create something that is sustainable without sacrificing style.”

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